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Application of spray cooling system for fountain equipment in summer

In summer, when the temperature reaches above 35 degrees, even an umbrella, with sunglasses, can reflect directly from the sun and the ground, and still make people feel hot. In recent years, with the popularity of sprinkler cooling system, people are more and more interested in this equipment, because air conditioning can not be used outside, and can spray cooling system.
In the outdoor temperature out of control, people are left in hot places for several hours. For example, open squares, stadiums, playgrounds, etc. can not use air conditioning in the outdoor environment. Therefore, people will bear the heat, spray cooling system can control the ambient temperature, the local water particles in the air, in the process of gasification, you absorb a lot of heat in the surrounding environment, thereby reducing the ambient temperature.
Under the action of the spray cooling system, the air temperature can be reduced to about 25 degrees. It looks like a cool 14 degree environment to achieve the best temperature of the human body. Therefore, even in the hot outside, you can still feel at ease.