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The key to the formation of the style and shape of fountain equipment is the nozzle

The key to the formation of fountain equipment and form is the sprinkler head. From the composition of the sprinkler head, it is divided into single jet nozzle, spray nozzle, rotary sprinkler, annular sprinkler and fan-shaped sprinkler. These are relatively conventional sprinklers, which are also widely used sprinklers, such as porous sprinklers, deformed sprinklers, suction sprinklers and so on. The principle of the nozzle is very simple. The amount of water required by different specifications of the nozzle will also be different. In the design, the pressure difference is used to form the water flow, and due to the different shapes of the nozzle, the water spray will have its own merits.
Fountain control, now more commonly used three control methods, one is the hand valve control, this control method is man-made operation, the use of hand-controlled water valve to adjust the pressure in the pipe, so as to form different intensity of water flow. This form of control is more traditional, and the manpower required is more cumbersome, requiring staff to carry out accurate operation, so the application scope of this form began to narrow. The second is relay control. The main standard of this kind of control is time. The relay can control the water flow and even the light through the artificial time setting, so as to realize the user-defined mode and liberate people's hands. The third is the sound control. In the control of this kind of fountain, the sound control is mainly used for operation. The required equipment, from the sound to electricity converter to the power equipment, is more rigorous, so the cost of investment will be more. But it's more suitable for large fountains to play in the process of music performance.
From a long-term point of view, in the process of fountain construction, businesses should consider their own actual situation when choosing which control form. In addition, in the fountain construction, the pool drainage facilities are also a key link. For the fountain composed of small nozzles, the water quality requirements are relatively high, so some filtration systems need to be added. During the selection of drainage materials, the material structure of the pool needs to be considered. Waterproof materials can extend the service life of the pool and reduce water erosion.