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Zhuji Yurun Fountain Equipment Co. , Ltd. is located in the beautiful hometown of Xi Shi, Zhejiang-jiangxi High-speed Railway, hangzhou-jinhua-quzhou expressway exit 15 km, 38 km from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 110 km from Ningbo Port, 250 km from Port of Shanghai, the traffic is very convenient. The company is a large domestic development, production of various copper, 304L Stainless Steel Fountain Fountain nozzle and various spray irrigation equipment professional manufacturers. The main products and municipal services, garden decoration, as well as units, family landscaping. "Yurun" brand fountain, spray irrigation products with fine design, novel structure, a variety of patterns and so on. And the People's Republic of China Import and export qualification certificate, can self-declaration business, products exported to the world, in more than 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions have sales, favored by the majority of users.

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Water is the source of life and the most verve element of nature. In the design of modern concept, water is a part of space art and theme, a medium of artistic modeling with extraordinary potential, its invisible, colourless and noiseless physical characteristics, water-in the right amount, it can create many things that can not be made up. Water is the most precious natural resource in the world, but most of the time, people always mistake it as inexhaustible, visible water a few levels skillfully about the pace of human progress. We believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness of the global threat of water scarcity.
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  • Stainless Steel Fountain head

    Standard 304 stainless steel real material
    Stainless Steel nozzle using 304 stainless steel material, production layer control product quality, as far as possible not to pass a defective。
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  • Brass Fountain nozzle

    High Quality Copper Material
    Products of various types, quality assurance, automatic production and processing.
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  • Lawn Sprinkler

    A variety of materials, product diversification, suitable for a variety of lawn.
    The utility model relates to a rotary nozzle, a Metal Rotary nozzle (controllable angle) , a plastic rotary nozzle and a plastic rotary nozzle (controllable angle)
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  • Cold spray nozzle

    High atomization accuracy, wide flow, excellent performance
    The gas atomizing nozzle nozzle is a kind of fine atomizing nozzle nozzle, the flow rate can be adjusted, there are fan-shaped, circular, wide-angle circular spray shape can be selected
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Professional Landscape Fountain Brand Professional Sprinkler equipment manufacturer
Our strengths
Our strengths
Advanced equipment, first class technology
  • High quality raw material

    Real materials factory products are through the layers of checks

  • Advanced production equipment

    We have advanced equipment, good equipment out of good products.

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